?Arrow? Season 4 Episode 16 Spoiler Updates: Old Antagonist To Stir Trouble In Star City

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An old villain will be returning – this is what to expect in the next episode of ?Arrow? Season 4.

Who is this antagonist? You?ll find out later.

According to the report of IB Times, Episode 16 will highlight the return of an old villain, who will declare war on Star City, targeting those who are in love.

It should be remembered that season 3 ended with an unfortunate finale. As reminisced in the report, it showed the entry of Carrie Cutter, made known by her alter-ego Cupid. She was then so obsessed with the Green Arrow, played by Stephen Amell, to the point she began to hurt others just to be closer with him.

Yes, Cupid will be the returning villain. The synopsis revealed that Cupid will be reappearing in the forthcoming episode to attack couples in Star City, right on their special day, the wedding ceremony. So who will counter her? Well, someone will sacrifice their lives (and relationship) to curb this new trouble.

Expect Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak to act as bait by pretending to be a married couple wannabe. So sorry folks, the wedding won?t be a serious one. The next episode is titled ?Broken Hearts.?

However, the previous show revealed that Felicity is not yet ready to be wedded, as she returned the engagement ring to Oliver then walked away. Why? Oliver kept a big secret from Felicity. He did not disclose that he has a son from other woman. According to the article, Oliver found out that William Clayton is his son from Samantha back in their billionaire playboy days.

Will the fake wedding be the solution to Cupid?s attack? Is there a possibility that the wedding will be a serious one? Or has Felicity had enough?

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