Arrow Launcher Introduced: Key Features And Advantages Revealed

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Microsoft has now made Arrow Android launcher available to everybody after the company launched the beta over the summer. Arrow is the latest launcher to hit Android with a simple and personal touch that lets you have the full Android experience.

According to PC World, Arrow is very different from a typical Android launcher, it ?relies on algorithms to decide which apps, contacts, and files it shows on the home screen.? In other words, ?the more you use it, the smarter it gets.?

Key features

Simplicity and personalization, that?s what the new Arrow launcher are outlined to become with apps automatically set on your phone based on how much you use it, contacts that you can easily find, integrated reminders, and a recent option that can quickly recover previous apps, photos, or calls on your phone.

Other features that come with the Arrow launcher include page management, widgets that you can organize on one page as your favorites, customizable wallpapers and a customizable dock that quickly accesses your favorite apps in the dock from any screen. The new launcher is ?lightweight, and optimized for battery life and speed? to give you the full Android experience while you enjoy you device all day.

So the question here is: Is Arrow launcher worth a shot? It still has its downside with the layout of the apps folders, and widgets on your homescreen, which you can?t customize like the traditional Android launcher. On the other hand, it has a brand new feel to it that gives you a more refreshing Android experience. So if you?re the type of person who?s adventurous and tries a lot of new things, then we suggest you try the new launcher.

Arrow is now available worldwide and is free to download on the Google Play Store. You can download the app by clicking the link here.

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