Arrow Android Launcher Introduced by Microsoft, Strengthens Multi-platform Features

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With the Windows 10 slowly flexing its muscle since its launch yesterday, Microsoft is already showing that it?s also ready to embrace multi-platform features that make its newest OS a system to contend with. For example, the recent unveiling of its Android launcher, Arrow, proves that the Tech giant is serious in integrating changes.

This latest Android app, though currently in private beta, proves that introduction of new platforms can work seamlessly in the Microsoft playing field. So much improvement is definitely expected once the bugs and irregularities are addressed once the beta version pans out. Even in the early stages, this feature is worth taking a close look at.

Arrow Android Launcher

Arrow has a new yet very simple interface that users can play around with. According to Microsoft-news, the arrow launcher includes three pages. These three pages are the home page, the apps page, and the notes & reminders page.

Microsoft-news describes that the home page basically takes you to your contacts, which includes your e-mail accounts. The apps page is where you can see recent section and the frequent section; these are where the recently installed apps are displayed and show what apps you are utilizing the most. Next is the notes & reminder page which allows you to add reminders which surprisingly aren?t included in other android launchers.

Although the new features of Arrow Launcher are impressive, the app is still shortfall of a few features. One inconsistency, reported by Microsoft-news, is that you can?t add apps to the frequently used apps page. Another is that you can?t choose a custom icon pack or change the icon size of the packs.

Overall, the Arrow Launcher is pretty awesome but still has room for improvements. And for those currently feeling the need to test the beta, you can join this link here and ask for an invitation for the private testing.


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