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Arrested Development: Two Ways on How You Can Watch it Online; Free and Subscription Based

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Here are legal 2 ways on how you can watch Arrested Development online both free and paid

Arrested Development is now getting a new season. According to a report from CNN, the comedy show is finally getting a fifth season and it will exclusively stream on Netflix. Brian Grazer, the show?s executive producer said [via CNN] that the fifth season will consist of 17 episodes in total.

As stated on that source, the show never really had big ratings during its airing back in 2013. Even though that may be the case, it still has a devoted fan base that it even reached a whopping 9.1 out of 10 ratings on IMDB.

For some of you who still haven?t seen the show and were wondering where you can watch it legally online, here are two ways on how you can do that, both free and paid.

Watch Arrested Development legally online for free and/or paid

  • YouTube [Free] ? Of course we can?t forget the ?go to guy? when it comes to online streaming. YouTube is the very first place to go whenever you want to watch something, whether it?d be an episode from a show or some other videos. Fair warning though, it might take you a couple of minutes to hours before you can find the right order of episodes per season. To get you started, you can view this channel for the first few episodes of season 1.
  • Netflix [Paid] ? The legal and highly advisable method is to watch Arrested Development from the source. Since the executive producer have already said that they will bring back the show on Netflix, it?s logical to just subscribe to the provider and just stream the episodes from their website.?As stated on their blog, you can subscribe to their services for just $8.99/mo.

It is still unknown whether the previous casts of Arrested Development will reprise their roles and Netflix hasn?t released any official announcements yet so stay tuned for more updates.

Image: Paul Stumpr Flickr

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