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Arms Update 1.1.0: First Patch Brings In Arena Mode, LAN Play, And Bug Fixes

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ARMS might have ten playable characters. [Image from Nintendo UK]

Nintendo Switch exclusive Arms recently got an update that gives players more than a few features for the fighting game. Players should download the update as soon as possible so that they’ll have the chance to play online early on. Here’s everything to know about Arms update 1.1.0 now out for the Nintendo Switch.

Update Details

The Arms update 1.1.0 released only recently and players can now download the small patch which adds some features to the game. The update is only a measly 104 MB and the patch notes for the Arms update as per NinMobilenews are:

  • LAN mode added. While pressing the left stick, press L+R on the main menu to switch to LAN mode.
  • Arena mode, with added spectator mode.
  • Kid Cobra and Byte & Barq fixes for sliding boards.
  • Bug fix for Ribbon Girl stage, which some arms didn’t properly hit the boxes.
  • Text-fix for the Grand Prix story.

Arena Mode

Arena mode is an exciting new feature being added to the game. The mode’s official description states, “take turns fighting one-on-one matches, while the rest spectate. Max 4 players per lobby.” This new mode gives players to sit back, relax and begin strategising while they wait for their turn in the arena. While waiting, it’s a good opportunity to see the gameplan of other players.

Another neat feature of the new mode is that players won’t be able to see the characters that the others have selected while being a spectator. Basically, Arena mode is the tournament mode of Arms.

No Max Brass Yet

The first free DLC character for the fighting game comes next month in the form of Max Brass. No trace of the new character is in the Arms update so for now, players will have to wait for a full announcement from Nintendo about the release of Max Brass in Arms.

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