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Arms Test Punch Has 10 Playable Characters

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arms punch test
ARMS might have ten playable characters. [Image from Nintendo UK]

Arms Test Punch is a beta test for the upcoming fighting game that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Details for it are unknown, but a recent Tweet hinted at the possibility of players using seven characters right away. This has caused some debate, as fans aren’t sure if the demo would let players use all of these characters.

Fans in Reddit have posted a number of theories regarding the Test Punch demo, with some thinking it’ll rotate heroes. The demo will be available in two different weekends after all, so Nintendo might want players to try different characters. However, some fans pointed out that the eShop description lists 10 fighters, which can’t be a simple mistake or error.

Up in Arms

Apparently, there have also been previous announcements about the Arms Test Punch having only seven playable characters in the demo. While the final game will definitely have 10 punchers, three of them might not be in the Test Punch. It’s hard to say what will be correct, so fans have to wait for the weekend and find out then.

Having all 10 characters in the Test Punch might be odd, but reasonable if the modes are limited in it. Games like Overwatch made its entire hero roster playable in the game’s beta, and this could be the same for Arms. Since the Test Punch is mostly for multiplayer purposes, it’s doubtful that we will see the rest of the modes. All that matters is that it’s a fun game, and will make Switch owners want to buy the game.

Almost Here

While fans wait for the Arms Test Punch this weekend, the actual game will be released on June 16. That’s a short month away, so technically Switch owners won’t have to wait too long to buy the full game. Then again, the demo is probably being done to see if players enjoy the game and it’s motion control mechanics.

Arms will have motion controls for the fights, so players will have to get used to that when it’s released. Since motion controls have been controversial, having a free weekend demo to try out a number of characters is smart. Whether we get all 10 characters or seven of them is still hard to say, but it should be worthwhile.

Nintendo Switch owners will be able to buy Arms on June 16, while the Punch Test happens from May 26 to 28. An additional demo will be available in the weekend after, from June 2 to June 4, so there’s time to catch up.

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