Armored Core 6 Release Date And Gameplay: What We Know So Far

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Armored Core 6
Source: Armored Core: Verdict Day Launch Trailer video

FromSoftware’s mecha series, Armored Core 6, is one of the titles that fans hope to see again in current console generation. Currently, only few information points out a return for the series. Here’s what we know about Armored Core 6

Armored Core series so far

The last Armored Core entry was Armored Core 5 which released back in 2012. It’s been half a decade since the last entry and no official announcement has been made for its continuation. Fans love the series as Armored Core’s gameplay had mech loadout customization and skill-based team battles over large areas. Currently, Super Robot Wars 5 and the upcoming Gundam Versus are the good subtitutes for this game.

Hope For Armored Core

According to xenosaga’s translation of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s interview last June 2016, FromSoftware is currently working on three projects. The first project is an action role playing game similar to Dark Souls’ dark medieval fantasy setting. The second project is a reboot or a new idea from a previous FromSoftware franchise. The last and third project is a brand new IP from the company. Potentially, the second project could be an Armored Core reboot instead of an Armored Core 6 sequel. However, it’s already half a year since this interview and no news have come up yet.


Traumnovelle’s thread on the NeoGAF forums confirmed that a “V” title trademark from Sony has appeared on the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Currently, nobody knows what this “V” means and whether it’s for an upcoming console game. Only two images depicting a white V on a red background and a glossy red V on a white background has been trademarked.

Potentially, the V might be an Armored Core 5 or Armored Core Verdict Day remaster on the current-gen consoles. The white V on red background looks similar to the old logo layout of Bandai Namco Games.  The North American Armored Core 5 cover art featured also featured a white V on its cover. Meanwhile, glossy letters are usually found on mecha-themed games and media.

Reviving old Armored Core multiplayer servers even without Armored Core 6 will be crucial in making the game popular again. However, developer Bandai Namco, and even FromSoftware themselves haven’t announced any statements about any Armored Core entry coming soon. We’ll have to for more announcements about this “V” trademark to know if it’s really for Armored Core.

Mecha Games in the Industry

The industry certainly lacks focused AAA mecha games as of late. Titles like Titanfall 2 may not satisfy mecha fans as it is still a first person shooter than a focused piloted robot vs piloted robot game. At best, Super Robot Wars 5 and Gundam Versus are one of the few titles that mecha fans can look forward to this year.

The Armored Core series can join the ranks he upcoming major remakes and entries of forgotten genres. The Crash Bandicoot remake can potentially revitalize the platforming genre in this generation and the upcoming Ace Combat 7 is the major flight simulator release after a long while. The Mecha genre seems to be in the same boat, which means that major companies have a chance in making a name in this seldomly visited genre.

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