Armed Robbers Caught Thanks to Xbox

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An armed robbery took place while three gamers were playing their favorite Xbox game. However, Xbox seems to be faster than your average news network as it was already broadcasting to several players ?the robbery that was ?taking place. The robbery was broadcasted to a gamer who was with the trio while they were playing Call of Duty.

A guy named Jay Georgiu, 19 years of age, and an accomplice crashed inside a home in Eastborne while these three gamers were playing Call of Duty. Georgiu threatened the players with an imitation handgun and a kitchen knife.

Meanwhile, an Xbox player in Brighton who was playing with the trio heard the robbery and called the police.

Georgiu hit one of the players with his handgun and searched them for money and drugs. Afterwards, they tied them and took away their laptops, mobile phones, and Xbox with all of their games.

The police arrived two hours later. The trio provided them with the description of the armed robbers. And luckily, Georgiu was captured just a mile away from the crime scene. ?However, the accomplice was able to run off with some of the trio?s things.

According to the Sussex Police Spokesperson

?This was a terrifying incident for the victims who appear to have been targeted entirely by mistake.The robbers were brutal in their treatment of the friends but Georgiou even stopped during the incident to take a phone call from his probation officer as he had missed an appointment. We will continue to work to track down the other robber involved so that he too can face justice like Georgiou.?

There are several cases like this that happens almost everywhere around the world. Thanks to the recent advancement in technology, even if you don?t know how to defend yourself from these kinds of situation, staying online might help.


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