Arma II: Switches from GameSpy to Steam

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A lot of games are now migrating servers as Gamespy shut down its services last May 31. The shutdown enraged a lot of gamers and communities of those games.

Gamespy was once a large provider of online multiplayer and matchmaking middleware for video games. It was based from a Quake fan site that was founded by Mark Surfas back in 1996 when it was acquired by IGN back in 2000. It began its operation with a bigger scale of 800 video game publishers and developers. It was a long run but some good things have to come into an end.

Gamespy legacy servers will shut down according to the announcement made by Glu back in April, so the developers could focus working on Glu?s own services. Games that use Gamespy services will no longer offer online functionality after the shutdown.

There are lots of games that are affected by the shutdown. And one of them is Arma II

Bohemia Interactive announced that there will be an update to the Arma 2: Operations Head that will focus on the transition from Gamespy to Steam. Arma is one of the biggest games that were using Gamespy?s services when it was still operational.

According to Bohemia?s official announcement;

?As you may have heard, GameSpy is discontinuing its services and it was therefore of paramount importance to offer an alternative for the passionate Operation Arrowhead players who have supported our game and our company for so many years.?

For those who have purchased a retail copy for Arma II, they can now be able to use the product key to activate the game from Steam. Previous Arma games will not be transferred to Steam however, Bohemia will provide tools so that players can join and create their own servers.

Arma II is just one of the many games that will be migrating to Steam. Game Developers are now preparing for Gamespy?s shutdown for months now to save their old titles.


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