Arma 3 Bootcamp Update Looks to Help Players Get Over the Learning Curve

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Engaging and complex games have it bittersweet. On one hand, they provide so much for a gamer to go through with endless replayability as well as hours and hours on end in terms of content. On the other hand, it?s hard to attract a good following because of the steep and sometimes overwhelming learning curve. Arma 3 hopes to solve that problem with their Bootcamp update to help players ease in to the game.

Bohemia Interactive, the developer of Arma 3, details a few items of the Bootcamp update which features a set of single player, multiplayer, as well as non-gameplay additions to the game that are designed as a tutorial of sorts for new players.

The Arma 3 bootcamp update was announced last month as an effort to sustain Arma 3 as a “platform of the future.” The package will be led by its own solo campaign that is meant to give the introductions necessary for the basics of infantry combat. For the multiplayer aspect, it pairs seasoned Arma 3 players with less experienced players in an “instructor,” and “recruit” setup.

Bootcamp doesn?t only want to teach players about the game, it also wants to teach players about real life equipment and exhaustion issues through its gameplay. For instance, a player?s rate of movement will be limited by factors such as their health, stamina, as well as the weight of the gear they are carrying. Another bit of learning would be in terms of the shortcomings upon using a heavier weapon when turning. Turn speed won?t be limited but the precision of aiming upon turning will be affected.

According to Arma 3?s creative director, Jay Crowe, he said: “Without arbitrary punishments, we want to produce an authentic mechanic; players should benefit from planning out their movements and thinking carefully about their equipment.” This gives the game a more realistic feel to it and gives players an idea on how to best implement strategies and how to plan appropriately.

The overall goal with the Bootcamp update is for players to know that “although it may be different from other games, it is far from impenetrable.”

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