ARM DynamIQ: The Next Phase of ARM Cortex-A Processors for Artificial Intelligence

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ARM DynamIQ for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications

Artificial intelligence or machine learning is slowly becoming mainstream. Many of the new applications right now use a version of machine learning to predict or anticipate a user’s next action. While the technology is still in its early stages, more and more companies are developing application-specific hardware components that are targeted for AI. One company in particular is ARM. The company just announced its next-generation Cortex-A processor for artificial intelligence applications, the ARM DynamIQ.

In its most basic definition, the ARM DynamIQ is pretty much the same as a standard Cortex-A processor. The main difference is, instead of having a group of generic processor cores, the ARM DynamIQ is consisted of different kinds of cores.

To explain this further, take for example a standard quad-core mobile ARM processor. In a general sense, this processor will have either four identical processor cores or two pairs of identical cores, each pair of a different kind. The ARM DynamIQ processor is a step above that. Instead of having identical cores, it is possible for the new ARM architecture to contain four different kinds of processor cores. Each core is made specifically to perform better in artificial intelligence or machine learning applications.

ARM DynamIQ for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications

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In addition to the new configuration, ARM also claims that the new architecture will be 50 times better at performing AI operations than a standard Cortex-A73-based system. Furthermore, the new design will also respond ten times faster between CPU and other hardware operation transfers. This will, in effect, result in faster responsiveness to artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

At the moment, there are no known physical applications of the new ARM processor architecture. The company has just started the marketing phase for the ARM DynamIQ processor. It will not be long before Intel, Qualcomm, and Apple will use the said chip in their AI design efforts. Nevertheless, ARM predicts that by 2021, the company would have sold more than 100 billion ARM processors across the globe. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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