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Ark Survival Evolved Xbox One X Support Announced, Huge Improvements Detailed

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Is the Xbox One X version the best one? [Image from Ark Twitter account]

After Microsoft’s press conference, it was revealed that Ark: Survival Evolved will be getting Xbox One X support soon. The title has received plenty of updates for all the gaming systems, but this could be the biggest one. Microsoft is hoping that the title makes an impact on the Xbox One X, since it’s a day one title.

Like all massive online survival games, Ark is constantly being updated, so it will be interesting to see how it plays. Microsoft dubbed the Xbox One X as the most powerful console ever, so seeing this title should raise some interest. Other similar titles are set to have a home in the console, so Ark’s reception should be interesting.

Constant Updates, Constant Problems?

Ark Survival Evolved is a bit of a mixed bag, since there’s plenty of things to do and numerous bugs. During Gameslice’s interview with the devs, it was stated that transferring the assets from PC to Xbox One X was relatively easy. It will be interesting to see if it looks miles better than the PS4 Pro version, considering the “most powerful” statement.

The developer said the Xbox One X version will look similar to the PC version with epic settings. Due to the increased power of Microsoft’s new console, the dev said Ark can run at 60fps. RAM will be higher, and the game’s draw distance as well as resolution should be better, so fans have that to look forward to. Hopefully, the constant content patches doesn’t mean we will see just as much bugs as the normal version.

Xbox One X The Best?

Considering everything said about the console’s power, Ark: Survival Evolved should look and play well on the powered up console. Open-world survival titles have gained plenty of popularity in recent years, and Ark helped usher that in for the genre. The developers seem pretty enthusiastic about the game being an Xbox One X launch title, announcing it on Twitter.

With a more powerful console and better framerate, this should be the definitive console version of the game. It seems like this is being touted as the best looking version of the title, next to the PC version. Expect plenty of interesting comparisons of this version and previous ports, like the original Xbox One and PS4 Pro.

Ark: Survival Evolved gained popularity on Steam, and is now available on pretty much every mainstream gaming system. Players can get it now on the PS4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One, along with the original Steam release of course. Expect plenty of updates for any version of the game.

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