Ark Survival Evolved v509: All New Features Coming To The PS4 Version

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Studio Wildcard is readying the next major update for Ark Survival Evolved already and it’s time for players on consoles to learn about what’s to come for the game. The next update will have a lot of new content and it’s scheduled to release this week. Here’s all the important details about Ark  Survival Evolved v509 for the PlayStation 4.

Release Details

Ark Survival Evolved v509 for the PlayStation 4 will launch this June 8. There are a lot of things coming in the update so players should ready up a few spaces for the patch. The update will have the same content from Ark Survival Evolved v258 for the PC, but with a few others more.

Update Content

One of the highlights of the update is a new weapon called the Harpoon Gun. The weapon is going to be great for underwater combat. Along with the new weapon are Tranq Bolts for it which can be really effective for foes that are way too aggressive.

The new Harpoon Gun is supplemented with a new way to travel on water, which is the Gas-powered speedy motorboat. With this new water vehicle, players will be able to traverse water faster and they don’t have to go through the trouble of training an aquatic creature to for faster travelling.

For the new creatures, Ark Survival Evolved v509 will bring a total of five new creatures to hunt: the Megatherium, Hyaenodon, Hesperonis, Megalania and Yutyrannus. All of these creatures pose a new threat for players so it’s best to take caution upon encountering the new monsters for the first time.

Last but not the least is a new structure called the Interactive Toilet. This new structure will help players easily manage one of the most valuable resources in the game, poop. Along with these major additions are minor pieces of content for the game including new hair, facial hairstyles, and a lot of new Explorer Notes.

The upcoming update will also add in a few new tweaks for the game, one of which are new rewards for getting Achievements. After the update, players will get various rewards including cosmetic items, hairstyles, and emotes.

Studio Wildcard will also add in a lot of fixes for various gameplay exploits and edge cases. Aside from the new content, the update is also set to improve the overall experience in Ark Survival Evolved.

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