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Ark Survival Evolved v258: New Creatures, New Structures, And More Coming Soon

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One Of The Creatures In The Next Ark Survival Evolved Update
The Equus In The Next Ark Survival Evolved Update [Image Courtesy Of Mass Effect Andromeda Steam Page]

After the massive Ascension update, developer Studio Wildcard is already set on releasing another content filled update for Ark soon. The upcoming update will once again have a lot of things in store for PC players once it hits the game. Here are all of the important details for Ark Survival Evolved v258.

Release Date

The set release date for Ark Survival Evolved v258 is on May 30 and the update will go live first for the game’s PC version. Fans might be unsure of the release date after the numerous delays of the Ascension update, however, fans shouldn’t worry because v258 is a significantly minor update so Studio Wildcard could release it on time.

Update Content

One of the highlights of Ark Survival Evolved v258 is the Harpoon Gun. Studio Wildcard is yet to detail what’s so special about this upcoming weapon but from the look of things, the Harpoon Gun could be a decent weapon to use underwater. It could also be a decent weapon to use on land while hunting down creatures who are swimming below.

The update will also introduce a few new creatures to the game just like the updates before it. This time around, the upcoming creatures set to make the debut on the Ark are the Hyaenodon, Hesperonis, Megatherium, Megalania, and Yutyrannus.

Another exciting addition coming to the game is a new sea vehicle. Once the update has been downloaded, players will have access to the Gas-powered Speedy Motorboat. The name alone suggests that this sea vehicle will be one of the fastest ways to traverse the waters.

One of the weirder additions coming with the new update is a new structure. The new structure is none other than an Interactive Toilet. While we’ve yet to know what this structure can do, it’s pretty obvious that it will center around one of the crucial resources in the game, which is poop.

As funny as it sounds, poop is crucial to the success of players in Ark Survival Evolved. Poop can be used to tame creatures faster than using raw meat if players do the right steps. The upcoming Interactive Toilet could help players who are keen on making use of poop.

Aside from these, the update will also add two new hairstyles, new Explorer’s Notes, tweaks, and many more to the game. For more about the game, stay tuned to The BitBag. 

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