Ark Survival Evolved v257: New Creatures And Exciting Tek Tier Structures In Latest Patch Notes

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Studio Wildcard has more surprises in store for players of Ark Survival Evolved and the game’s list of content continues to grow each month. The patch notes for the next update has recently been revealed and it shows the things players should be excited about. Here’s everything we know so far about Ark Survival Evolved v257.

Ark Survival Evolved v257 Release

The upcoming update will arrive on April 30 for the PC. The content of the upcoming update may not arrive on the console versions till June since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are still delayed with an update. There are a lot of things to dig into the upcoming update so players should expect a big update when April 30 arrives.

New Creatures

There are four new creatures coming in Ark Survival Evolved v257: Giant Bee, Daeodon, Lioplerudon and the Kentrosaurus. All upcoming creatures are going to be predators and players should take caution. When in forested areas, the Killer Bee is one of the creatures to look out for. While under the sea, the Liopleuron is another new creature that would hunt would be wanderers of the deep.

New Tek Tier Items

The update will also include a few new additions to the Tek Tier. One of the most exciting new Tek structures to build is the Tek Cloning Chamber. We’ve yet to know what this new structure will do, but it’s likely that it will help players create duplicates of the creatures that they have tamed.

Meanwhile, those who frequently ride the Megalodon have a lot to be excited about as the upcoming update will feature a new Tek Megalodon Saddle. Like other Tek Saddles, this one will probably have lasers and other deadly weapons at bay. For those looking for good security measures and amazing weapons, then the Tek Turret and Tek Grenade should pretty much do the trick when update v257  finally arrives.

It’s going to be hard to find the materials to build these Tek Tier structures, but it could be easier in the next update. The New Tek Cave and Volcano are new areas to scour Tek materials in, but players can expect a tough time inside this new areas since they are end-game content.

There are a few other improvements in the update including UI overhauls, new hairstyles and many more. Players should get the update as soon as it arrives on April 30.

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