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Ark Survival Evolved v257: All New Creatures Coming Soon

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One Of The Creature Dossiers In Ark Survival Evolved
The Daedon Dossier In Ark Survival Evolved [Image Courtesy Of Ark Survival Evolved]

There’s an upcoming update for Studio Wildcard’s Ark Survival Evolved and it’s set to arrive on April 30 for the PC. Players can expect to access new pieces of content when the update finally arrives. The highlight of the Ark Survival Evolved v257 are the new creatures that players can encounter.

Giant Bee

If players read the Dossier of the Giant Bee, they can easily determine that the creature in Ark Survival Evolved v257 is no joke. True to it’s name, the Giant Bee is a huge creature that players will find on nearby trees. Once the update arrives, players should take caution when in forests.

It’s main attacks will come from it’s stinger which it can use successively. According to the Dossier, the stinger will weaken any victim it catches. Players can expect to get debuffs or poison when coming across the Giant Bee.


The Daeodon coming in Ark Survival Evolved v257 comes from a huge family of omnivores and it’s going to be an aggressive creature to come face to face with. Also referred to as Hell Pigs, Daeodons will attack any player that wanders too near its feeding ground.

According to the Dossier, Daeodons are good tamed creatures to have. They are proficient in combat but what makes them such great creatures to have is their rapid healing capabilities.


When it comes to the deep blue, players will be facing the Liopleurodon when Ark Survival Evolved v257 arrives. This huge marine reptiles are slow but they do pack a mean punch so players should still take caution when exploring the ocean.

The game’s Dossier notes that tribes use the Liopleurodon for “long oil and oyster harvesting trips.” There’s a chance that this will come into play in Ark Survival Evolved when the creature arrives. Another thing worth noting from the Dossier is that the Liopleurodon secretes an oil that when absorbed through the skin, will allow the person to easily breathe underwater.


If players are looking to craft a powerful piece of equipment but are not in the Tek Tier yet, then they should be excited for the Kentrosaurus. According to the Dossier, the spikes of the creatures are strong enough to pierce through any piece of armor. Hopefully, the creature will allow us to craft new powerful weapons from its materials.

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