Ark Survival Evolved v257: Ascension, New Creatures, TEK Tier And More Features Arriving Today

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Ark Survival Evolved update 255
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There’s a massive update coming to Ark Survival Evolved today and players will have access to a host of new features. The upcoming update will be large and there’s going to be a lot to dig into when it finally arrives. Here’s everything we know about Ark Survival Evolved v257 including the release time and its content.

Release Time

After several delays, Ark Survival Evolved v257 is finally launching today, May 5. No official release time has been set for the update but players can follow Studio Wildcard’s Jat for quick updates on when v257 will arrive.


One of the major changes with Ark Survival Evolved v257 is a remodelling of the volcano at the center of the map called the Ascension. It’s not just a simple remodelling as players will be able to witness the remodelling first hand. One of the reasons why the update was delayed was to give players more time to move. the the volcano. Players should make sure to get a good view of the active volcano remodelling while they’re at it.

New Creatures

As with most major content updates to the game, the next Ark Survival Evolved update will also have new creatures entering the map. The new creatures are the Giant Bee, Daeodon, Liopleurodon and the Kentrosaurus. Each of the creatures are dangerous so players should take heed when encountering them.

New Tek Tier Content

Those in the Tek Tier are in for a treat as there are a few Tek content to get. One of these is the Tek Cloning Chamber. The Cloning Chamber will allow players to clone a creature in hopes of getting a stronger copy back. It’s not always going to be a success though as players might lose both the original creature and the clone in the process.

Other new Tek Tier content are the Tek Megalodon Saddle and the Tek Turret. The Tek Megalodon Saddle will have lasers as primary weapons. Additionally, the saddle will provide better defenses for the dino as well. For those looking for a good defense option for their bases, then the upcoming Tek Turret is one of the better choices.

Last but not the least for the new Tek Tier content is the Tek Grenade. This is going to be one of the highest damaging grenades out there. What makes the Tek Grenade unique is that it will explode five seconds after being thrown.

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