Ark Survival Evolved v256 Update: What To Expect

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In a few days from now, Studio Wildcard is set to release a new content update for Ark Survival Evolved. The upcoming update will add a lot of things to the game so there’s more things to dig into pretty soon. Here are all the things we know about Ark Survival Evolved v256 for the PC.

Release Date

Ark Survival Evolved v256 launches next week on March 29 for the PC. We’ve yet to know just how much the patch will require in terms of memory, but players should save up a few MBs considering that the update will once again add another slew of content to the game.

Aquatic And Amphibious Mating

One of the new features to be introduced in the upcoming update is aquatic and amphibious mating. This feature was supposed to release long ago, but after delays, it’s finally making its way to the PC version of the game. We’ve yet to know how different this feature is going to be from dino breeding, but the creatures will have different stages when breeding.

New Creatures

Ark Survival Evolved v256 will add 4 new creatures to the game. The new creatures are the Equus, the Leedsichthys, Ichthyornis and Iguanodon. The Equus has long been revealed by the developer and it’s a horse that serves as one of the best ways to travel in the game. It’s mobility comes at the expense of it not being battle-ready.

The Leedsichthys, on the other hand, is going to be a massive marine creature that players should be on the lookout for. The Ichthyornis is a seagull-like bird and it’s going to be one of the most vocal creatures in the game. Lastly, the Iguanodon is a dinosaur that could be used as a mount, so players should tame it when they see it.

Other Additions

The update will add new structures to the Tek Tier. The Tek Underwater Bases that was supposed to launch last month will finally push through in Ark Survival Evolved v256. This will add a whole new dynamic to the game as players will have a new area to build bases in.

Other new structures coming to the game are the Tek Teleporter, Tek Mosa Saddle and Tek Power Generator. Lastly, another major addition to Ark Survival Evolved will be Tek Cave which are likely to be good sources for Tek materials.

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