Ark Survival Evolved v256: All New Creatures In Next PC Update

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One Of The Creatures In The Next Ark Survival Evolved Update
The Equus In The Next Ark Survival Evolved Update [Image Courtesy Of Mass Effect Andromeda Steam Page]

There are quite a few creatures joining the island in Ark Survival Evolved soon and players should do their best to be wary of their surroundings once the update arrives. The new creatures are the Equus, Iguanodon, Leedsichthys and Ichthyornis. These new creatures are going to wreak havoc once Ark Survival Evolved v256 arrives so it’s best to know them before March 29.


The Equus is one of the most interesting creatures coming to Ark Survival Evolved v256. This creature is the ancestor of a horse, and true to its origins, it’ll be a good mount in the game. We’ve yet to know exactly how good a mount the Equus is, but according to the creatures Dossier as posted by Studio Wildcard, the Equus could do more than something players just ride around.

“I even encountered a man who added extra saddle-pouches that doubled as mobile crafting stations for chemical supplies, foodstuffs, and other items. Although not as robust as what you might find within a village, this utility helped him live a nomadic, solitary lifestyle. Some survivors employ Equus to herd other creature with extra-long whips, or wrangle using a specialized lasso,” says the post.


The Iguanodon is a creature in Ark Survival Evolved v256 that has 2 distinct forms of mobility. If it’s bipedal, it can attack rapidly with its claws. While on all fours, the Iguanodon can outrun the player with its seemingly limitless supply of stamina. When faced with an Iguanodon, players should be ready to fight and chase it. Iguanodons can be tamed.


Stalking players in the deep blue is the Leedsichthys. This creature is one of the largest fish-types in the island and while it’s dangerous, its meat is valuable. It’s meat is often referred to the fish equivalent of Prime Meat in the game, so it’s worth the trouble of hunting. However, players should be very wary of the fish’s size. It also cannot be tamed, so players shouldn’t bother trying.


This creature’s Dossier details the Ichthyornis as  “among the most vocal creatures on the island.” It adds that “Ichthyornis Piscoquus is actually a relatively normal seagull.” This creature will flee at the slightest hint of provocation. If players want to hunt one down, the best they could do is stalk and take out the Ichthyornis from afar.

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