Ark Survival Evolved v256 Release Time And Other Details In Upcoming PC Update

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The Mosa Tek Saddle
A Mosa With A Tek Saddle In Ark Survival Evolved v256 [Image Courtesy Of Studio Wildcard]

Studio Wildcard is readying a few things for tomorrow’s Ark Survival Evolved update and players are sure to have a blast in the upcoming content update. Players will have access to quite a few new things in the update so they should check it out as soon as possible. Here’s everything to know about the PCs Ark Survival Evolved v256 release date and other details.

Ark Survival Evolved v256 Release Date

The next Ark Survival Evolved update was originally due out today, but Studio Wildcard has pushed the release date to March 30 instead. There’s no exact release time on when the update will be available, but players should ready up some free space when the calendar hits the 30th.

Update Content

There will be 4 new creatures to encounter in the game once v256 has been downloaded. The creatures are the Equus, Leedsichthys, Ichthyornis and Iguanodon. These new creatures are set to spice up the island as players will have to think of new ways to hunt these guys down.

The most interesting creature of the bunch is the Equus. This horse creature will be one of the best forms of transportation in the game. Just recently, the developer teased how the Equus would look like in-game via Twitter. Players can channel their inner cowboy once the Ark Survival Evolved update v256 releases.

Another neat addition in the update is Aquatic and Amphibious Creature Breeding. We’ve yet to hear about how this new mechanic will work, but players are speculating that it’ll function like any other regular breeding but it will have stages.

As for the Tek tier, those already deep in this new tier will have access to quite a few new things to build. There will be a Tek Teleporter Tek Power Generator and a Tek Mosa Saddle. The Tek Mosa Saddle was recently revealed by the developer and it looks like a pretty exciting feature.

The best new feature coming are Tek Underwater Bases. With this, players will be able to fortify and create their own strongholds underwater and with the Tek tier involved, players could be able to create some wild things. Other new additions in the update are an inventory menu redesign, a nerf to Flyers, 1 new hairstyle and facial hairstyle and over 20 new Explorer Notes.

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