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Ark Survival Evolved Update: Studio Wildcard Talks Cool New Features, VR, And More Tamed Dino Nerfs

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It looks like the next Ark: Survival Evolved update is going to be good for fans of the game. The update will include several nerfs to the game’s stronger dinosaurs as well as some cool new weapons. Players can expect this to come out on January 20 on PC, though no date for consoles has been revealed.

Even though the game is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, it’s still in Steam’s Early Access. That will be changing in 2017, as Studio Wildcard is planning to remove it from Early Access. Seems like the game is almost “complete,” though there are still a number of problems that will be fixed with an update or two.

Survival Updated

Studio Wildcard told Express in an interview that this Ark: Survival Evolved update was supposed to come out in December. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but it seems like fans will enjoy the various new things that come with the update. There will now be science fiction-themed weapons and armor that can be crafted, which is always cool.

Studio Wildcard stated that the sci-fi-inspired gear will be part of Tek Tier, a new wave of items coming to the update. This is great news for long time fans of the game since it gives them more incentive to lay it. Should be interesting to see how much more can be added in future updates for the game.

Virtual Survival?

A few months ago, PS4 owners got an Ark: Survival Evolved update which added PS4 Pro support to the game. This has made fans wonder if Studio Wildcard will be doing the same for the Xbox One Scorpio, which is poised to be way more powerful than Sony’s upgraded console. According to the developers, the game could have VR support soon, but not quite yet for Xbox One Scorpio.

Seeing the game through VR would be really immersive, and it’s nice to see the developers be enthusiastic about the idea. They also want to work on the Xbox One Scorpio, but they will need a development kit from Microsoft first, to see if the game can support it.

Ark: Survival Evolved is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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