Ark Survival Evolved Update: What To Expect In The Next Major Patch

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Ark Survival Evolved Update 255
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Studio Wildcard recently released a patch for the console versions of Ark Survival Evolved. It also said that on Jan. 16, fans can expect a major patch coming for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Fans are expecting another content update from the developer because of the announcement. Here’s are some of the things to expect in the upcoming Ark Survival Evolved update.

Tamed Dino Nerf

Those who frequently tame dinosaurs in the game might be disappointed in the next Ark Survival Evolved update might feature a nerf to the tamed creatures. Speaking to Express, Studio Wildcard’s Jeremy Stieglitz reveals that the team behind the game is looking to nerf tamed dinosaurs. “There still too damn strong, We’re going to have to slowly wean players off these dinosaurs as we hit more of a final game balance,” said Stieglitz. The developer is looking to create a more balanced system before the game reaches its final stages.

New Creatures

The next major Ark Survival Evolved update might also feature a slew of new creatures for the game. Studio Wildcard promised a major patch for Jan. 16 and it should enough reason for us to believe that more dinosaurs and scary creatures are headed to the survival game. We’ve yet to know what exactly these creatures are, but the possibilities are near endless.


The recent Ark Survival Evolved update for the PlayStation 4 added a lot of new servers to the game. Sadly, it also came with a few bugs, one of which made players have a difficult time when connecting to servers.. When the next update comes, players should expect a few bugs along the way. The good thing is, Studio Wildcard is always quick on their feet when it comes to fixing bugs.

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