Ark Survival Evolved Update: New Fixes And Tweaks Coming Soon

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Sometime today, Studio Wildcard is set to release a new update for Ark Survival Evolved that players should get immediately. The upcoming update is focused on fixing a ton of bugs in the game as well as balancing it out further. Here are all of the important details in the upcoming Ark Survival Evolved update.


According to Studio Wildcard, the release of the upcoming Ark Survival Evolved update is sometime between July 4-5. No exact time has been given for the update yet but players can expect it to drop soon since it’s already July 5. Since it’s an update that’s not focusing on new content, players can easily download it once it’s live.

Update Content

As said, the update focuses on a ton of bug fixes that the game needs drastically. Most of the fixes are coming from player reported issues so the player base should be very happy with the update. Highlight fixes include:

  • Fix for single player creature spawns becoming depleted over time as they did not come out of hibernation properly.
  • Fixed player/bed location not appearing at the correct location on the map.
  • Fix for boss tribute requirements, removing alpha items and reducing cost of apex items.
  • Fix for the black sky on The Center.
  • Fix for Disable Resource Harvesting setting not working.
  • Fix for Trike walking sound.
  • Fix for Rex eggs falling under the map (due to missing poop socket with new increased capsule size).

What’s Next

Aside from the slew of tweaks and fixes, the developer is definitely not done with the content to come for Ark Survival Evolved. Future updates will include Boss Wars, more creatures, equipment and structures and many more. For now, players will have to make due with the fix filled update.

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