Ark Survival Evolved Update: New Horse ‘Equus’ Shown By Studio Wildcard

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Ark Survival Evolved Update

Recently, Studio Wildcard posted an update about the upcoming “Equus” or horses in a future Ark Survival Evolved update. The update confirmed that these creatures can be tamed and even be mounted. Here’s what we know so far about the new Equus in the future Ark Survival Evolved update.

Horses confirmed

According to the official Equus update post, the Equi are earlier versions of the current domesticated horses which connects to the game’s prehistoric survival themes. The exact species of the Ark Survival Evolved horses are the Equus Magnus. Similar to regular horses, the Equi are also herbivores and can be loyal to people.

Prehistoric Wild West World

The update also confirms some tools related to horseback riding like whips and lassos. Whips can be used to herd other creatures particularly viable livestock in Ark Survival Evolved. Meanwhile, lassos are confirmed to wrangle other creatures which can be helpful in capturing or killing larger targets. At best, the Equi might provide players an authentic Wild West experience if they already have the tools and guns to go with it.

Equus viability

Currently, the Equus is described to be bad at defending itself, which make them dangerous to bring against dinosaur riders. However, the Equi naturally have better speed and stamina that allows them to outrun their predators and survive. Potentially, the Equi mounts can boast great speed and mileage over the dinosaur mounts in the game. They can be relied on if the main focus of traveling is covering a large distance or using its speed to complete their objective.

In order to compensate for the Equi’s lack of offensive strength, riders should opt to bring good weapons with them to protect themselves from danger. Any gun or anti-dinosaur weapon should do just in case they have to fight along the way.

The next Ark Survival Evolved PC update is coming this January 20. However, the Equus aren’t included in the said patch as detailed on the forums. Potentially, fans may have to wait for its inclusion in the game or try to find them in the future patch.

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