Ark Survival Evolved Update 255 Goes Live This Week, New Features You Should Know

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Ark Survival Evolved Update 255
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Last month was pretty big for Ark Survival Evolved players as Studio Wildcard released one of its best updates to date. The recent update was filled with new content and the developer is planning to keep the momentum going with another one. Ark Survival Evolved update 255 for the PC is set to go live this Feb. 23, and here are the new contents.

New Creatures

Like most content updates, Ark Survival Evolved update 255 will be bringing in new dinosaurs and creatures to the game. There will be four new creatures this time; Microraptor, Thylacoleo, Electrophorus, and Ammonite. These new creatures are going to be good additions to the game.

The Microraptor, as the name suggests, is a small raptor. However, it will have wings that it can use to glide and fly. The Thylacoleo, on the other hand, is a tiger-like creature that players can find often atop trees. The Electrophorus is an eel-like creature fought underwater, and true to its name, will give players quite a shock. Lastly, Ammonites are small bottom feeder invertebrates that will make underwater ventures a little harder as players have a new set of creatures to deal with.

New Mechanic

The additions and bonuses in the Tek update was fun, but Studio Wildcard is going to expand the feature in Ark Survival Evolved update 255. In the next update, Studio Wildcard will introduce Tek Underwater Bases to the game. This new feature will make exploring the deep blue a bit easier and fun.

We’ve yet to know how the new feature will work, but it sounds like a pretty interesting addition to the game. It’ll be a whole lot better as the Tek Tier does add some pretty neat bonuses to players.

New Structures

Aside from the new mechanic expanding the Tek update, the next Ark Survival Evolved update will also have new Tek structures. With Ark Survival Evolved update 255 installed, players will be allowed to build Tek Power Generators, Tek Shield Generators, Tek Tileset, and Tek Doors. These new structures will definitely have some cool bonuses like the Tek tier equipment set.

Other Additions

The upcoming update will also expand the customization choices in the game. Players will be able to unlock four hairstyles and facial hairstyles with the update after they find the appropriate Explorer Notes.

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