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Ark Survival Evolved Update: Creatures The Developer Might Add In The Next Patch

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One Of The Creature Dossiers In Ark Survival Evolved
The Daedon Dossier In Ark Survival Evolved [Image Courtesy Of Ark Survival Evolved]

Ark Survival Evolved v256 just launched recently and the update added a slew of new content for the game. Even after the launch of the recent update, there are already a few upcoming features Studio Wildcard has in store for players. There’s already a lineup of possible creatures that might get added in the next Ark Survival Evolved update.

The Dino Dossiers in Ark Survival Evolved are good for a couple of things. One of its benefits is that it helps players in determining the important facts about dinos and other creatures. Aside from this, it also gives players a glimpse of the dinosaurs that are set to come in the next Ark Survival Evolved updates

Giant Bee

It doesn’t take a genius to know what the Giant Bee is. Lucky for us, this creature isn’t terrorizing the island yet, but it will come in an Ark Survival Evolved update one way or the other. The Giant Bee is untameable and it resides in the island’s Redwood Trees. Once it releases, players should be very careful of its stinger.


Daedon’s are referred to as “Hell Pigs” and they are one of the largest species of mammals in the game. It’s a very territorial creature and players will be in for a battle if they stray to close to its feeding grounds. It has very quick regeneration according to its Dossier, so players will have to work hard to bring it down.


Simply put, the Megatherium is a giant sloth. According to its Dossier, it’s very hard to knock unconscious thanks to its sheer size and girth. If players manage to come across one once it arrives on the island, they should expect a long and gruelling battle.


When inside caves, players should be relieved for now as the giant Megalania is still yet to be released. One it is released though, players should look left and right, up and down as the Megalania is able to traverse walls. It’s also a very aggressive creature that could attack players on sight.  

There are a few other unreleased creatures for Ark Survival Evolved so players will still have a lot of content updates in store for them. As for the release of the next update, players will have to wait till next month as v256 just launched yesterday.

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