Ark Survival Evolved Update 1.12: PS4 Patch Brings Imprinting Fix, What We Know So Far

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The Tek Tier and everything in the PC version of Ark Survival Evolved was currently made available earlier this week for the Xbox One, with the PlayStation 4 version getting it later. After the huge Ark Survival Evolved Tek Tier update, those playing the PS4 version also encountered new issues. Luckily, the problems were fixed with Ark Survival Evolved update 1.12.

PS4 players of Ark Survival Evolved recently got update 1.11 which added a disruptive bug to the game. With the patch installed, several players reported that they suffered imprinting issues in the game. When players are imprinting, the screen turns blue and unplayable. Aside from this, players might be experiencing other bugs with the patch.

Players were quick to report to the developer the issues on Twitter and shortly after, the developer responded. Studio Wildcard’s Jat immediately said that the developer is already looking into the issue. It didn’t take Studio Wildcard a long time to release a hotfix to sort out the problem.

The developer recently released Ark Survival Evolved update 1.12 to fix the bug. With the update rolling out, players should no longer have any major problems regarding the game. However, Ark Survival Evolved update 1.12 could once again bring a few bugs, so players should report any issues immediately.

Ark Survival Evolved Tek Tier

Studio Wildcard previously said that the Tek Tier update will be released on Feb. 14 for the console versions. Oddly enough, the PS4 version’s update was delayed and players on the PS4 only got it recently. The 5.5 GB patch launched only today and players will finally have access to the Tek Tier update and everything in it.

The Ark Survival Evolved Tek Tier update is currently one of the biggest patches in the game so far. It adds more endgame content and a ton of other features that players can get their hands into. With the update, players have a lot more to do after reaching the far end of the game.

Aside from a new equipment tier, the patch has a lot of other inclusions such as new customization options and jousting. The highlight of the update will still be focused on the cool things players can do with the Tek equipment.

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