Ark Survival Evolved Update 1.04: New PS4 Update Now Live! Patch Introduces New Bugs And Tweaks

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Ark Survival Evolved Update 255
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The crafting survival game Ark Survival Evolved is on the receiving end of quite a few tweaks recently. The PlayStation 4 version recently got updated into version 1.04. The developer is yet to reveal the full patch notes of the current game version, but there are a few things we know about the update. Here are some of the changes in Ark Survival Evolved update 1.04.

New Server

One of the things that Ark Survival Evolved update 1.04 added are a few new servers. This means that players will have less trouble in getting in the game. Community manager bubblywums notes that servers 735-766 are now live. There are new PVE servers and 27 PVP servers. The reason for the influx in PVP servers is that it’s currently in-demand, so the developer decided to add more.

Other Changes

Studio Wildcard’s Jat also revealed that the update will fix a few more minor changes in the game. Fixed invites and memory optimizations were carried out, said Jat. Aside from that, the developer is still pretty quiet about the full patch notes, but we can expect to hear from them soon.

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New Bugs

The Ark Survival Evolved update 1.04 also brought in a few new bugs in the game. Fans are taking their sentiments to Twitter to reveal some of the current bugs they have discovered after the update.

Some of the bug reports for now are those concerning the game’s graphics. Players are having trouble rendering some of the textures in the game. Another trouble that players are having is the game crashes whenever an invite is sent out. Hopefully, the developer looks into the current bugs as the new servers are going to be useless if the game keeps crashing after invites.

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