Ark Survival Evolved PS4 Update And Xbox One Ascension Patch Now Live; Adds New Creatures, Volcano Remodeling, And More

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Those who have the console versions of Ark Survival Evolved are in for a treat today as the latest dropped has now dropped on consoles. The latest update brings the console version up to par with the PC version of the game, which has the latest content. Here’s everything we know about the Ark Survival Evolved update.

Release Details

Just recently, Studio Wildcard included the Ascension game progression feature. The Ark Survival Evolved update v754 for the Xbox One is 18.1GB and v504 for the PlayStation 4 is 8.79GB. In terms of file size, the upcoming update is going to take up quite the memory as it adds several things to the game.

Ark Survival Evolved Update Content

The highlight of the new update is the Ascension game progression feature. Aside from a remodeling of the volcano in the Ark, the Ascension will also serve as a prestige like feature in the game.

Players will go through a dungeon with a few difficult bosses and at the end, their characters will be reborn anew. It’s basically reset that rewards players with a more powerful character at the end. Players can do this several times and they’ll be rewarded with a higher level cap each time but it gets difficult to do the task with each trial.

Aside from the Ascension game progression feature, the Ark Survival Evolved update also adds several things to the game including a few new creatures, new Tek tier equipment/structures, and several others more. It’s a very meaty update so players should download the patch now.

Other highlights of the update include the new Tek Cloning Chamber which is easily one of the best Tek structures to date. It will give players the chance to create clones of dinosaurs, but it’s not always a guarantee.

Despite the Ascension game progression looking like the end of the game, Studio Wildcard is far from done with the ongoing support for the game. There’ll still be updates for the PC version which will surely make its way on consoles soon.

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