?Ark: Survival Evolved? PC Hacks: Tips And Trips To Get The Most From The Game

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Do you dig dinosaurs? How about riding dinosaurs and shooting lasers? Now that?s more like it, if you are playing Ark: Survival Evolved and still new to the game, here are some tips to help you get a staring lead with the game.


Learn more on your HUD

Getting used to your head-up display (HUD) will give you an edge especially in critical situations, so be sure to press H to open the advance information on your HUD, knowing what certain statuses mean can make you survive longer.


Be sure to gather items early

Focus first on getting small rocks, you can find some scattered near the beach area. Next is to find wood, you can punch trees to get wood, however you will damage yourself when punching trees so keep in mind of your health. As you craft your first weapon either a Stone Pick or Stone Hatchet, each has its own distinct function so make sure to have both, you will be able to unlock more by using your crafted item on certain objects or NPCs.


Find food and water

Your hunger is important to watch over as it is more likely to kill than the dinosaurs, so hunt for small dinosaurs to get meat or start fishing near bodies of water. You can replenish your water by swimming or using the Waterskin, it can be refilled by standing next to a body of water or when raining.


Be sure to level up

Leveling up increases your stats by one point and one free point to allocate your attributes, you will also get some Engram points to use in unlocking more crafting diagrams. Be sure to plan on what kind of class do you prefer? As a crafter, make sure to invest on Weight, for taming dinosaurs, make sure to focus on Stamina, as a hunter, focus on melee damage and Health.


Build a base

When logging off from the game, your character will still remain in the game, as if it was sleeping. This makes it open for attacks which will eventually kill your character. The best option is to form or join a tribe and build a base, make sure you fortify your base with stronger materials and not just made of thatch. Also invest on making a bed at your base, this allows you to respawn to your bed whenever you got killed or if you plan to fast travel between any beds you and your tribe have placed around the map.

We hope that this handy little guide will help you start off your session at Ark: Survival Evolved. You can purchase the game by heading to the Steam page. Ark: Survival Evolved will also be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.

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