Ark Survival Evolved Ascension: What We Know So Far

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There are a few things that players should take note of in the next Ark Survival Evolved update and they are in for a treat. One of the additions coming to the game is an in-game event called the Ascension. Here’s everything we know so far about Ark Survival Evolved Ascension.

Ark Survival Evolved v257

Ark Survival Evolved Ascension will be part of the v257 update which was supposed to launch a few days ago but was moved to May 3 instead. Aside from polishing the v257 update, Studio Wildcard is also looking to give players more time to move their bases before the update arrives.

The Ascension looks to be one of the most epic and biggest in-game events for Ark Survival Evolved. Players should keep a close eye on volcanoes once the update arrives.

Volcano Remodelling

According to a blog post by Studio Wildcard on the official Ark Survival Evolved forum, the Ascension is a volcano remodelling. It’s not just a measly change in the map though as the developer has turned it into an in-game event that players should observe and be careful of.

“In combination with the patch needing more time in the oven, we want to give players time to move their bases out of the volcano area. Console players take note too, as this change will eventually come to you as well.” The post continues, “in the next PC update, the volcano will be receiving an active remodelling which will consume anything in the vicinity”

Ark Survival Evolved Ascension is basically going to be a major change in the game’s map. Players will bear witness to how the map changes once the update goes live. We’ve yet to know what exactly will happen after the Ascension and it’s probably best to witness the event to see all the changes. It would be better to find a good vantage point for now to get a better view of the active volcano remodelling.

V257 Changes And New Features

Ark Survival Evolved Ascension will also bring in a host of new features for players to get their hands on. Aside from new creatures and new TEK equipment, the update will also bring in new music tracks, new Explorer Notes to collect and a slew of other content for the game.

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