Ark Survival Evolved PS4 Update: v507 Ascension, New Creatures, And Tek Structures Coming Soon

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Ark Survival Evolved Update 255
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After the recent major event in the PC version of Ark Survival Evolved, Studio Wildcard now has their eyes set on the console versions of the game. The patch notes for the next content update on the PlayStation 4 version of the game have been revealed and players have a lot of things to be excited about. Here’s all the juicy details on Ark Survival Evolved v507.

Release Date

There’s no release date for the update yet but the updates on the PC and console versions are commonly month’s apart. Because of this, we might see the next patch in early June.


Like in the PC version of the game, the console versions will also have the Ascension game progression feature. The Ascension is geared towards players who are already in the end-game stages of Ark Survival Evolved and are looking for a new challenge. Aside from an active volcano remodelling, the Ascension will also add a Prestige-like feature to the game.

The Ascension involves beating all the bosses in the game and completing the Volcano dungeon that comes with Ark Survival Evolved v507. After beating the final boss, players will learn new things about the ARK and their characters will be sacrificed and reborn anew, increasing their level cap. This can be done several times but each try is more difficult than the other but each time the players succeeds, their level cap will increase as well.

New Creatures

There are four new creatures coming to the Ark with Ark Survival Evolved v507. The creatures are the Giant Bee, Daeodon, Liopleurodon and the Kentrosaurus. Each will pose as a new threat to the players so it’s best to check out strategies on how to beat these new creatures as early as now.

New Tek Structures And Equipment

Other new features to look out for in the next update are expansions to the Tek Tier. The most interesting of which is the Tek Cloning Chamber. This structure will give players the chance to clone a dino but it isn’t guaranteed with each try. The Tek Megalodon Saddle on the other hand will allow players to equip their Megalodons with lasers for firepower. Last is a new line of defense; the Turret.

As for new Tek equipment, players will have access to the new Tek Grenade. This piece of Tek weaponry is pretty much like a timed grenade. Once thrown, the Tek Grenade will explode a few seconds later. Timing is key with this new weapon.

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