?Ariana Grande? Video Shows Unique Impressions Of Famous Pop Stars (Watch)

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Ariana Grande proved just how great a singer she is when the pop superstar did fantastic singing impressions of 90?s iconic singers. The vocal prowess made Ariana Grande the talk of social media when Jimmy Fallon challenged her to a game of ?Wheel of Musical Impressions? on Tuesday?s episode of ?The Tonight Show.?

The 22-year-old singer started off with a perfect impression of Britney Spears singing ?Mary Had A Little Lamb? while Jimmy Fallon went next doing an impression of Aaron Neville singing ?Cheerleader.? She then hit the mark on vocal queen Christina Aguilera when she did a rendition of ?The Wheels on the Bus,? shared by Time. By then the audience and Jimmy Fallon were too amazed by her performance.

?We should stop the there. I don?t know how we can continue,? Fallon shared. ?That is unbelievable. Wow, I want that recording.? After Grande?s amazing rendition, Fallon continued with his impression of Sting singing ?Can?t Feel My Face? from The Weeknd?s.

Ariana Grande?s final rendition was to copy Celine Dion doing ?Can?t Feel My Face,? which we can?t imagine the real Dion singing. At first she was unsure about how she can copy the voice of Dion?s fantastic voice, but when she cleared her throat and began singing, everything was magic. ?I love this game,? the singer exclaimed, according to Time.

By far, this was the best ?Wheel of Musical Impressions? game on ?The Tonight Show.? Other previous singers who played the game was Christina Aguilera herself, who impersonated Britney Spears singing ?Miss Little Piggy,? Adam Levine who did a rendition of the ?Sesame Street Theme? copying Michael Jackson, and Jamie Foxx, who impersonated Jennifer Hudson singing a soulful version of ?On Top of Spaghetti.? We can?t wait who Jimmy Fallon challenges in the next game of ?Wheel of Musical Impressions.?

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