Ariana Grande To Become A Final Fantasy Character

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Ariana Grande on Final Fantasy

Singing pop sensation Ariana Grande will soon become one of the playable characters in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. Grande is ecstatic about her participation. Fans of Grande and Final Fantasy alike will enjoy getting into character even more!

Final Fantasy Mobile Game

The mobile game features two knights who have the ability to summon ‘visions’ to aid them in combat. This is a free-to-play Final Fantasy entry that’s really fun to play. Gamers love its old school turn-based tactics and awesome soundtrack. The retro graphics is also nice and there are lots of quests you can go through as well.

Grande said her character as ‘DW’ or Dangerous Woman is going to appear in the game through Instagram. Her character really looks like it was modeled from her album cover bearing the same name. On Instagram, Grande said that her character is the cutest thing she’s ever seen in her entire life. She’s so excited and in love with it, she can’t contain herself.

First Non-Fictional Character

It will be the first time in the Final Fantasy franchise that a non-fictional character makes an appearance. It’s also a clever marketing tactic to attract the younger market into the Japanese RPG game per

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If you’re not an Ariana Grande fan, the DW character simply looks like someone you would find in the series. Others are really happy with this update, but some gamers don’t like the idea of this becoming a precedent for Final Fantasy. They don’t want to dungeon crawl with a party brimming with teen pop stars, even though a lot of them looks just like that!

Whether or not this tactic is going to work is yet to be seen. But as long as they keep the game just as exciting, Final Fantasy will thrive, with or without Ariana Grande. Of course, having a cute, talented pop star in the scene is not bad at all.

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