AREAL Development Might Be A Scam

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Couple of weeks ago, we mentioned something about Stalker?s spiritual successor, Areal. The game launched a Kickstarter funding. However, they shut down their Kickstarter page just yesterday.

There are speculations that the Areal Kickstarter Project is a scam. Not to mention Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is one of its backers. But what other reasons make people think that??Areal, the spiritual successor of Stalker, is an ultimate scam?

West Games, the developer of Areal, cried foul after a series of bad publicity by famous publications, Forbes and VG247. According to their Kickstarter page, most sites have been fair and objective when writing about them. Not these two large news companies.

According to West Games, Forbes has been so biased since it was purchased by a Chinese company. ?They used old, recycled, outdated, and personal opinions as fact. Forbes might be taking the side of the countless trolls that have been plaguing Areal?s Kickstarter page and created a story based on their personal opinion. West Games branded it as unprofessional and a lack of editorial standards mainly because it was sold to a Chinese company.

The other news company, VG247, also made their remark on Areal?s development. However, West Games was not impressed as it looks just like what Forbes did. VG247 also branded the project as a ?clusterfuck? and promoted Survarium, a free-to-play shooter. It?s all about throwing dirt to Areal while praising Survarium.

There are also people who are digging more facts about Areal?s development.


Some sources stated that West Games is using recycled materials from the old Stalker and posted it with touches of Photoshop.

However, Bruce Upbin of Forbes, suddenly had a change of heart and suddenly twitted this:

Bruce Upbin

While some other sites claim that Areal is a complete scam, West Games has been defending its reputation from several attacks on the game?s development.

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