Are You Ready For Some Football?!

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Ever felt the need to tackle Torrence or sack SpennyT? Well now you can! This Saturday we kick off the all new TGN fantasy football league with a highly anticipated draft BUT there’s a problem, and you can help. We have 8 of your favorite TGN faces wearing the warpaint and ready to rumble, however, we need 12 users to have a draft. This is where you come in. The first 4 people to shoot me an email ( and accept the invite I send back will be accepted into our ranks. Get a look at what the competition looks like after the jump.

of The Bitbag:
Commissioner Chad Betteridge and his team The High Rollers
Spencer Thompson (SpennyT) and his team Campbellton Colts
Torrence Davis and his team Minutemen
Zack Warren and his team Dog Killers

of The Gamer Access:
Nick McCandless and his team
David Simpsion and his team TheBizznezz

of Analog Hype:
Adrian Pottinger (DJ Krome) and his team Miami Baller Blockers
Quentyn Kennemer (OGWilson) and his team Miltown Skullcrushers

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