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Are You Ready for Sims 4? Release Date and Features

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Sims 4
Sims 4

Finally, after more than 4 years of waiting (Obviously, you don?t expect a follow up game in the series in the same year), the next iteration of the long-running life simulation game is coming. The Sims 4 is bound to be released this year.

So what does The Sims 4 pack for its loyal customers? Here some of the key features which you need to watch out for:

-?????? The ability to add intelligence and emotion to your sims. You are now more in control of your sim?s personality. Inside and out.

-?????? Advanced looks customization, you can even try to make your Sims look exactly or close to yourself.

-?????? Aside from the appearance, there is a more in-depth customization of their personalities. You can even change the way they walk or how they feel about each other in a relationship.

-?????? A more intuitive room-based Build Mode

-?????? A significant amount of attention to their emotions adds some interesting twists to how they live their lives. Take the advantage of the ability to control their emotions.

-?????? Sim?s skills are improved and now show more realistic curve on how they learn things and in a realistic way too. Even ?woohoo? is a skill now.

-?????? Party like you never did before. More options on how to go about with your party is added in the Sims 4 game. You can hold from a normal party to a crazy? wild parties with DJs. From balloons to glowsticks. From friendly conversations to flirting. All just like in the real life.


Creators of the Sims series are, indeed, fired up for this next release as they are making sure that this would be one of the best, if not the best, Sims game in their library. Their targeted release date is somewhere in the ?autumn of 2014 for US release.


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