Are You Ready For Deployment?

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On Monday November 10th Tonight, millions of gamers everywhere will head to their local retailers and gear up for war. Modern Warfare Monday is coming here and it is inevitable that many of us will lose ourselves for several weeks after deployment. Are you ready? Have you looked over your schedule and battle plans?

Modern Warfare has become the lifeblood of gamers all over the world. We now wait patiently for deployment into the battlefield. Grenades will be thrown, clips will be emptied and head shots will be accumulated. All weekend I’ve been thinking to myself, will I kill someone before I get killed? How long until I get my first Prestige? Will food be important during the first 24hrs of play? Am I crazy?

I’ve been telling my family and friends that I deploy tonight at 12am and won’t be back until Thursday morning. While some thought that I might really be headed off to war, others were keen on my subtext. Gamers all over the world spent extra time with their families this weekend because they knew what kind of week this was going to be. Girlfriends and wives will be kissed and then brought to tears as they watch their men walk off into the darkness of their gaming room. They can only hope that after they enter the drop zone they return home safely.

We are less than 3hrs away from the biggest video game event since Halo 3. Stand strong, stay focused and stake your claim. I salute all soldiers that are taking part in this war. By the time you finish reading this, I may have met you on the battlefield. Whether friend or foe, Playstation or Xbox, fanboy or truegamer, godspeed my brothers…godspeed.

Colonel Versellios70 xbl/psn

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