Are People More Excited for the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S5?

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Everybody is apparently excited about the?Mobile World Congress (MWC) happening in Barcelona today. The event, which is called “Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 1,” will reveal Samsung’s biggest and most amazing smartphone?yet.


It was never a secret that Apple and Samsung have been rivals in the smartphone?category since time immemorial. With Apple’s release of the iPhone 5s and 5c late last year, Samsung was pressured to provide a better phone for its users, following the S4. And the Samsung Galaxy S5 was the result of this.


But rumors are also spreading that the iPhone 6 will be released later this year. Yes. One smartphone after another. And another. And another.

We did our research and tried to see which smartphone (or technological giant) gained more attention and excitement from customers in social media all over the world.


An online shopping store, Kimstore, used their own Facebook page to conduct a survey about this matter. The page moderator asked, “Are you more excited for the S5 or the iPhone 6?” Here are some of the responses:

“S5 and Note 4 all the way.” (pertaining to Samsung products)

“An Apple phablet!” (not even existing yet, but we love the enthusiasm!)

iPhone, if the size is right. It should be 5 to 5.5 inches.”

“I’m excited for the iPhone 6 but I don’t think I’ll buy it anyway!”

“S5 definitely!”

iPhone 6. Whatever design/specs it may have..”

iPhone 6. Samsung’s just copying all of their features.”


Based on this poll, the majority of the users are more excited for the iPhone 6. This could be because of brand loyalty. More people have been loyal Apple users for years and this may discourage them from trying out something new. However, on Twitter, the result is different. The users are more excited for the S5.

I’m getting anxious for an upgrade, especially with all the cracks on my S3 screen. #GalaxyS5

-?Javon Findlator,??@JFindlator?

If the Galaxy S5 leak is true, that means Samsung finally killed the menu button. Your move LG!

– Axel Leroy,?@BlackEco

So the GalaxyS5 announcement will be 7pm tonight. I’m warning you now, all my tweets after 6 will relate to only that.

-?Walid, @FoolishWiseGuy

Absolutely shocking that Nokia will introduce Android phones, hopefully we will be shocked by the Unveiling of the Samsung GalaxyS5, too.

-?, @



We can only hope that the S5 will shock us, indeed, later. In a good way, anyway. People are clearly still confused about the two brands. We really can’t pinpoint for sure which brand excites them the most. But the Samsung’s S5 and Apple’s iPhone 6 will most certainly bring new heights to mobile technology, again.

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