?Archer? Video Game In The Works? South Park Developer Says It?s Possible! Fans Pitch In Ideas For The Game

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Ever wondered what the TV Series ?Archer? would look like as a game? Well we might actually find out soon.

Everybody likes the Archer series, from its parody from the usual Hollywood spy flicks to some the current event references, and let us not forget the crazy agents of the International Secret Intelligence Service. Now some people are having crazy ideas if ever there would be a video game created for Archer. Now with rumors that a video game based on the TV series might be in the works, and Obsidian Entertainment (the team behind South Park: The Stick of Truth) might take that project. The message board at Gamespot and Reddit shared some cool ideas that would be a sellable concept for potential game developers and publishers, so make it happen!

One cool concept would be the Archer series as a point and click game, similar that from the classic PC adventure games and the current Telltale games (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Borderlands) and of course just like in the series, it will be an episodic game. Add the game will a ton of dialogue humor and some quick time action scenes, and don?t forget to keep the visuals the same with the series, no need for high res, polygonal characters.

Another suggestion is to make it an RPG, similar that was made for South Park for the Stick of Truth, since Obsidian might handle the project. But in this case, add a touch of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker mission-based approach and with the ability to upgrade your spy agency. And if it?s going to be similar with the Stick of Truth, add a lot of humor references on their special attacks and quest lines.

And the last idea that came out from the discussion was a first person shooter, similar this time to the classic PC shooter No One Lives Forever. But for this case, give it a cell-shaded feel to the game similar to Borderlands, and the game would be a mix of stealth, interrogation and action.

Well that?s about it, of course the supposed Archer video game is still not confirmed, but can?t you blame us if we want to become real? If you have some crazy ideas for an Archer game, share it with us through the comment section.

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