Aquaman Movie Updates: Black Mantra is Set to be the Villain, Learn the Root of their Personal Feud Here

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Arthur Curry, more popularly known as Aquaman, is a certified badass superhero. He may be able to swallow all the bad jokes and insults, but he also proves that he is more than those words against him. He carries around a gigantic trident and can send forth a shark. Occasionally, he can also talk to fish. All these make him one of the coolest members of Justice League. And guess what! He is going solo in the Aquaman movie.

The Aquaman movie is set to be released by 2018. Since he is a favorite, fans want the best antagonist for his own film. And it looks like producers and creators of the film found someone that looks a lot like him and he is no other than Black Manta. Yes, it has been confirmed that Black Mantra is set to be Aquama?s villain so we thought you may want to know more about this chosen antagonist.

Black Manta has not gained much exposure among the mainstream audience. Several people may in fact have not heard about him. And for sure, a lot of people may not know yet that his grudge against our main character is actually purely personal. Their battle has taken a number of turns through the years.

It started when Aquaman hunted his co-sea dweller to seek revenge for the death of his father. During a fight between Black Manta and Aquaman?s father, the latter had a fatal heart attack, which caused his death. However, instead of chasing Black Mantra so he could make him pay for what he had done, he ended up killing his opponent?s own father. But it?s important to note that Aquaman did not really intend for that to happen.

But things became worse when Black Manta killed Aquaman’s infant son.? The hero was left with hatred that seemed to last forever. It looks like he will always seek for revenge.

The Aquaman movie is set to be released on July 27, 2018.

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