April Fools’ Day Prank: CERN LHC Discovers The Force and Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

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Image source and credits: Samsung

Large Hadron Collider discovers The Force and Samsung’s Smartknife, two awesome April Fools’ Day pranks

Everyone is having a blast this April Fools’ Day. Some pranks are funny while some are just mean but these two pranks that you will see on this article are just pure brilliant!

Two awesome April Fools’ Day?prank, Large Hadron Collider discovers The Force and Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

  • CERN Found The Force ? ?May the Force be with you? is what CERN scientists are probably telling each other this April Fools? Day. In case you are wondering, they have allegedly discovered The Force. It is an energy created by all life forms and according to their post, this energy ?binds the galaxy together.? The Force originated in the popular Sci-Fi movie series Star Wars. This energy allows you to move objects just by using your mind, or manipulating the Force rather. So to all the fans out there, sadly, this is just a part of their April Fools’ Day?prank. Another note to take notice on their post is the metioning of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, they said ?With the research ongoing, many at CERN are already predicting that the Force will awaken later this year.?
  • Samsung?s Smartknife, the Galaxy Blade Edge ? Samsung is at it again! One ?cutting edge? device after another (pun intended). This time, instead of high-tech mobile device, they?ve announced their revolutionary cooking utensil that will add spice to your daily works in the kitchen. Take food selfies without pulling out your phone, cut tomatoes smoothly and efficiently with its diamond edge blade, check the temperature of the meat you are cutting and many more cool features. Sounds enticing right? I hate to break it up to you but this one is also a prank for the April Fools’ Day.

These two April Fools’ Day?prank from CERN and Samsung are truly hilarious. The line on CERN?s page ?Sources close to the Data Centre later revealed that these were not the droids they were looking for? is brilliant! However, let?s not forget the disclaimer on Samsung?s post ?Samsung was also exploring Galaxy Blade edges, a double-edged sword for sports and Galaxy Blade Axe, for your timbering needs, but have decided not to further pursue these possibilities due to safety reasons.?

Image source and credits: Samsung

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