Apps That Will Help You Become More Productive at Work

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With the amount of tasks we need to do everyday, we often tend to forget some of them and procrastinate. This should not be the case if we have long-term goals to achieve.

Check out these apps that will help you become more productive, impress your boss and earn you a promotion.


  • Boxer

Boxer is an app that will help you with all your email accounts. You can use it to combine multiple email accounts, centralize archiving, and tie emails to other productivity tools. It intends integrate your mobile email with other tools you usually use, such as Box, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Evernote, and Facebook.

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  • Sociidot

This app attempts to help you set goals that actually matter. Most people tend to avoid long-term and important goals to finish off everyday tasks. Sociidot will help you focus on the things you really want to achieve and persuade you to get them done. This is how it works: for each goal you set, you will create a ?story.? You will populate each ?story? with dots, which are tasks that you can do one at a time in order to get yourself closer to the goal. Assign each ?story? and each dot a due date, so you will remind of how much time you still have before accomplishing it.


  • Any.Do

Any.Do encourages you to start each day by deciding which tasks you?ll do first to become more productive and organized. It makes you mindful of your to-do list so that you?ll be forced to actually do the tasks and not just stare at them. The app also trains you to think about the important people you must connect with to complete the tasks you listed.


  • ZenDay

The creators of ZenDay call this app ?GPS for your time? because the app merges calendar information with tasks and to-do items into a 3D user interface. This will effectively help you visualize your tasks. Your tasks get rearranged in the calendar depending on their level of importance. Once a task is completed it automatically disappears to give space to other commitments. ZenDay also has a ?Time Coach? feature, which debriefs you on the things you have accomplished during your previous week.


  • Zamurai

Zamurai will help you jot down important notes and reminders during a meeting. With this app, you don?t have to hurry writing all the important details or get your phone out to take pictures of everything. Zamurai is a mobile whiteboard collaboration app that will allow you to capture and share ideas and in real time. You can discuss important matters with people and get feedback instantly using this app. Users can access the whiteboards from any device.

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ABUKAI is an expense tracking app. With this app, you snap pictures of receipts and upload them. Your expense report will be created automatically. ABUKAI enables you to email your expense report as an Excel spreadsheet with your receipt images attached in a PDF. This app is very useful; you will receive your finished expense report with cost categorization, date, vendor and all the relevant information already filled in for you. QuickBooks, CSV and OFX files are also included for import into popular accounting or finance software packages.


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