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Apps That Suck The Life Out of Your Smartphone’s Battery

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Smartphone Battery Life
Smartphone Battery Life

The fact that not all Smartphones have power-saving applications/measures, there are heaps loads of third party applications available on App Stores, that you can try out in an attempt to prolong your battery life. Let?s admit it though, that in every 10 applications you try, only 1 of them works (and worst case scenario, they aren?t free to try). There are dozens of them, but none of them are tailor-fitted for today?s Smartphones which are getting relatively faster.

Bigger screens, faster processors and GPUs, all these are power hungry features. Instead of trying to pinpoint what saves your battery alone, you also need to pluck out power hungry apps on your phone, at certain times, and we?re going to mention them here.

One of them is Carat. It is a battery-saving app that actively monitors your phone?s activities and ?optimizes? its resources to maximize battery life. The irony here is too strong. Apps like this one usually do harm more than it actually serves its purpose.

Facebook Mobile is also going to be in this list and it?s a no-brainer that constantly eats up battery life, even when “run in background”. It can consume up to 5mb of data without any videos within fifteen minutes of just scrolling around.

Maps App (specifically Google Maps because nobody thinks that anybody actually uses Apple Maps anyway) is also another culprit to your short-lived battery. It constantly uses your phone?s GPS to levels beyond roofs.

Skype and Twitter cannot be left out in the social media battery-busting apps here. Just like Facebook, this little harmless-looking apps are constantly at work, even in the background, and if all of them are disabled at the same time, you?ll be surprised at how much, your battery?s life improves (provided that you aren?t the type of person to go into a withdrawal syndrome by being not online for a couple of hours)

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