Apple?s Tim Cook calls out new state laws in Indiana and Arkansas

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Apple’s Tim Cook and the ‘rainbow Apple’.
Apple's Tim Cook and the 'rainbow Apple'.

Apple’s Tim Cook and the ‘rainbow Apple’.

Apple has not been known to take political stands. In the heyday of Steve Jobs, while he did make bold pronouncements, he made them in defense of and in protection of his beloved Apple brand.? He has always been a trailblazer in terms of business and technology, which lead to Apple being hailed as the most valuable company in the world. At his passing, he appointed Tim Cook to the helm and Apple has been different ever since.

The New Generation at Apple

CEO Tim Cook is a different breed altogether. He is one of the few openly gay CEOs in the corporate world. He has been at the helm of the further development of the Apple brand, expanding its horizons to include the new wearable technology as well as creation of improved devices.

The CEO of Apple said

In a recent opinion piece, the Apple Inc CEO called out the recently passed legislation in Indiana and Arkansas that allowed laws giving license to business to bypass anti-discrimination laws as ??fundamentally opposing the founding principles of the United States.?

He said, ?Men and women have fought and died fighting to protect our own country?s founding principles of freedom and equality. We owe it to them, to each other and to our future to continue to fight with our words and our actions to make sure we protect those ideals. The days of segregation and discrimination marked by ?Whites Only? signs on shop doors, water fountains and restrooms must remain deep in our past. We must never return to any semblance of that time. America must be a land of opportunity for everyone.?

Cook?s Other Political Statements

Cook had also given his two cents via Twitter, calling out the recent Arizona law on religious freedom ?as ?a very dangerous wave of legislation?. He said that while the bill?s intent is to protect religious freedom, putting up laws that protects businesses from discriminatory suits for not providing services to gay men and women is ?bad for business.?

Cook added, ?These bills rationalize injustice by pretending to defend something many of us hold dear. They go against the very principles our nation was founded on, and they have the potential to undo decades of progress towards greater equality.?

Cook?s Call

He thus called out on Twitter saying ?Apple is open for everyone We are deeply disappointed in Indiana?s new law and calling on Arkansas Gov. to veto the similar #HB1228.?

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