Apple’s New MacBook: Top 4 Reasons Not To Buy One

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Here’s a handful of reasons why you shouldn’t succumb to the hype and impulse-buy your way to the new MacBook model. (Image courtesy of Apple)

Apple?s Spring Forward event last Monday was believed to star the much awaited Apple Watch but the tech giant?s new MacBook laptop arguably stole its glitter. With a beautiful, minimalist, and incredibly thin profile, the 2015 MacBook appears to possess all the makings of an in-demand product.

However, upon closer inspection many tech watchers somehow realizes that the device maker?s latest laptop offering is ?all hype and no substance.? You see, we?re clearly exaggerating here–the machine does have its merits. But there?s a handful of reasons why you should skimp and think about it really hard before pulling out your wallet. Here?s some of them.

First of all, a SINGLE port

There?s the case of the ports, or rather, the lack of ports. The new Apple laptop sports a single but special USB Type-C port that is made to function as a power connector, as display output, and for plugging dongles & accessories.

Even if you buy the company?s proprietary multiport adapter (which is $79, by the way) you?ll only get one USB 3.1 Gen 1 (the common USB type we see) along with one HDMI and another USB-C port. But when you?re on the move, do you really need to carry one more accessory with you? If you need to charge your iPhone and there?s wall socket around, will you want to unplug that external hard drive off your MacBook to charge your mobile device?

It?s display is NOT touchscreen

Folks from The Verge noted that the refreshed MacBook?s 12.5-inch screen is the sweet spot of portable laptop displays. It?s small enough to be carried around like a tablet but big enough to pack a reasonably sized keyboard. It does boast of a sharp Retina display but you WON?T be able to tap on it to control things. Come on Apple, it?s 2015! People like touchscreens, it?s not a gimmick. Perhaps they?re afraid that it might hurt iPad sales? That may be remotely true but OS X users deserve a modern and practical experience, don?t you agree?

You?re afraid of overheating

The new MacBook is powered by a 1.1GHz, dual-core Intel Core M processor that uses less power and is also heat-efficient. However, it comes with a major drawback–it?s far less powerful than those present in MacBook Pro laptops and even in MacBook Air.

While Apple is swaggering about their product?s processor technology that doesn?t require a fan fixed inside (meaning less noise and thinner body), Mashable cited a test conducted by PC Pro. The site tested a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, a laptop/tablet hybrid that utilizes the same Inter Core M, and found that the device did have some issues when it comes to heat dissipation.

It?s also worth noting that the Yoga 3 Pro does have a small built-in fan whereas the new MacBook doesn?t have any. To be fair, it?s too early to see this latest Apple laptop will fare. Since it?s only been unveiled a few days ago, nobody has tested it adequately yet.

Of course, the price

Price is always a make-or-break factor in the grand scheme of buying consumer electronics. You?ll definitely paying a premium if you purchase this new device because Apple certainly pulled off a significant engineering milestone and come up with a computer with full desktop functionalities in a body that isn?t much thicker than an iPhone. With a $1,299 starting price, it?s $300 more costly than the cheapest MacBook Pro model available (but still packs more powerful specs).


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