Apple’s iWatch: When will it be Released?

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After the craze that the smartphones created when they first came out years ago, consumers and smartphone makers are now looking forward to smartwatches. There has been rumors going around on Apple creating its own smartwatch. The iWatch did not show itself in 2013, but rumors continue on the wrist ? worn gadget if it will finally materialize in 2014.

A Gadget People Have Been Looking Forward to

Watches have been invented to let people know time. Hundreds of years later, people can now view time on a digital screen. Some of these watches can even play music, view pictures and track your steps. The discovery of the smartwatch has created a new line of watches where people can now view text messages and Twitter posts.

This highly innovative gadget is moving aggressively as the next big thing and breaking into the mainstream to drive people crazy. Companies like Samsung and Sony have come up with their own versions of a smartwatch. People are now looking for a possibility that Apple will enter the arena with its own version that comes with a powerful feature. The question is, are the rumors true?

Is there really an iWatch to look out for?


It is a million ? dollar question that keeps people thinking. Unfortunately, no one can confirm it yet. Apple co ? founder Steve Wozniak once hinted the consumers in 2008 that the future of Apple could lie in a smartwatch. The word ?watch? was again mentioned in April 2013 by an Apple board member.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also gave a hint by telling the All Things D attendees that the wrist is interesting.

These hints have led to the widely spreading rumors that an iWatch could possible come out some time in the future. The Wall Street Journal also seemed confident that the product exists because of their credible sources. Analysts added more thrill to the rumor by saying that since an Apple watch sounds feasible, it could exist.

Not Yet

There are also rumors claiming that the Mac maker?s manufacturers are experiencing difficulties. In 2013, a report states that the iWatch?s production has indeed started but two factories are having trouble performing. The report also claims the production has been moved to the second quarter of the year.

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