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Apple’s iWatch To Go Into Mass Production, Rumors Say

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Apple?s iWatch will soon go into mass production, rumors say.

As the smartwatch industry becomes bigger, Apple?s iWatch is surely one of the most anticipated products that fans wouldn?t want to miss.

Today, reports said that Apple will soon go into mass production of the 2.5-inch touchscreen watch which will also come with a wireless charging feature. Apple?s iWatch will also come in full iOS with biometrics and other sensors. The battery life of this smartwatch is said to have at least a 4 or 5 day battery life.

One respected news site said the device will come in a ?slightly rectangular? shape with its face slightly protruding from its band to make an arched shaped watch.

Reports which are circulating now said that the mass production will start this month with Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc., LG and Heptagon, looking and taking care of the chassis, screen, and internal sensors, respectively.

While more fans are expecting ?the coming of the smartwatch, still, there?s no clue as to what the exact date is for the start of the mass production. One thing is clear, that it would be this coming July and the commercial launch will come as early as October.

Reports also said that Apple plans to ship about 50M units of the iWatch within the first year of its product release.


As of now, one of the reports said that the iWatch is undergoing trial production at Quanta – the main manufacturer who is reported to be accountable for at least 70% of the final assembly.

Since it?s on its way to mass production, there?s no mention yet of how much it would cost one to have a piece of the iWatch. However, there are rumors that it would come with a tag price almost the same as the Pebble and Samsung?s Gear 2 which comes at $250 or less.

Stay tuned for more details on the iWatch.

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