Apple’s Earbud : Bringing Earphones to Another Level

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Sympathize with me. I know how much you hate pulling your earphones out from your bag, then suddenly found yourself fixing the strangled wires for minutes. Ever wondered if there?s a dwarf in your pocket destroying your earphones and playing with it to annoy you. All of us share the same problem and in times like these we cannot help but wish for wireless quality earphones.

Apple is one of the largest and most effective headphone makers in the industry. The iconic earbuds selling 600 million tiny speakers and ?is one of the proofs that should push Apple to take making earphones to the next level.

Last May 2014 rumours circulated about Apple?s plan to make Earpods with sensors in them for heart rate and blood pressure. It seems like Apple heard most of us and would love to please us again with their prowess in giving satisfaction to Apple fans. Smaller companies have been taking advantage of Apple not making a move yet. Amazon unveiled its Fire Phone, with ?magnetic, tangle-free headphones that is $5 cheaper than Apple?s $30. In addition, Earin, aiming to be the first smallest wireless headphones, received overwhelming support from the people as it has collected funds more than the desired goal. There is also an emerging company called OwnPhones that is working on 3D wireless earphones that can be personalized.

If ever the rumor about Apple is true, then that is definitely taking earphones to the next level. There have been medical devices that can do such things. Physicians have devices that can inform them about the patients? stats yet they are not trendy. Wearable technology is the fad. Apple surely can make stylish earphones and at the same time, fitness oriented.

Think about it: What better way to popularize “getting healthy” than to offer stylish and comfortable products that encourage healthy behavior? People wear fitness bands like the Fit Bit and Nike+ FuelBand when they work out, but they also wear headphones during those times, too. And if Apple’s headphones can play music, carry phone calls and also capture data from our bodies, the next EarPods could make for some very happy customers.

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