Apple Will Open 2 New Stores in NY: At the New World Trade Center and at a ‘Century Old’ Building on the Upper East Side, According to Reports

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Apple Will Open 2 New Stores in NY: At the New World Trade Center and at a ‘Century Old’ Building on the Upper East Side, ?According to Reports

According to reports, Apple will open two new stores in Manhattan. The stores will be located in the New World Trade Center and in an old landmark building on the Upper East Side.

Apple intends to make its presence in New York bigger, as it reportedly plans to open two new Apple stores in Manhattan. One of the stores will be located in an old (nearly 100 years) bank building on New York’s Upper East Side. The other one is said to be located at the New World Trade Center building.

The maker of the iconic iPhone and iPad, is not alone in trying to get a prime spot in the shopping gallery of the New WTC. The oval shaped, two-level area, named the ?Oculus?, is a much sought after location, that has received numerous lease proposals from dozens of retail stores.

The Apple store will reportedly follow the style of its other New York store locations, and will opt for an underground space in the Oculus. Apple has four other stores in Manhattan, making the additional two stores to be opened, a bonus treat for many Apple fans in the area.

A small problem was noted in the reports, regarding Apple’s application. The Oculus area is going to feature a structure designed by Santiago Calatrava, a famous sculptor and architect, that would serve as the ?centerpiece? of the multi level, 365 thousand square foot shopping gallery. Apple, however, objected to the structure which reports described as a ?spiny, ethereal-looking? piece.

Apple, together with other retailers, supposedly objected to the design, and preferred to have the ?rib-like columns? that will be placed in the front of the stores, replaced with another structure. Media reports indicated that the application for a variation of the design, was denied by the New WTC management.

Another store, to be located at 940 Madison Avenue, Upper East Side, is already being planned, according to CNET and other media reports. Construction details indicate, that Apple is transforming the old 1922 former English Renaissance bank building, into a store with a Neo-Classical look and a 95 foot frontage.

The historical location of the former bank building provides ample store space for Apple. The ground floor will consist of 4,000 square feet of display space with 1,000 square feet for a mezzanine area. Sources indicate that Apple will have the store open by 2015.

As of this writing, media sources like CNET, have tried to get confirmation and more details from Apple, about these two stores, but have been unsuccessful.

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Apple-Store/105617119471518 / http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archivo:Apple_store_fifth_avenue.jpg

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